What type of product you sell?

We sell tool for assembly production such as clutch electric screwdriver, automatic screw feeder, automatic tape and label dispenser, air ionizer and screw bit pouch.

Among this products, which one you sell the most?

Our best selling product is the electric screwdriver since we have more than 10 years of experience in screw tightening process. SMARTORQ is our main product.

How can you say your product or services is better than other company?

We receive many inquiries on our products specifically on the electric screwdriver. It is because our electric screwdriver has 16 models and torque values that starts from to Compared to other companies, we provide after sales services to our customers which means they can send the tool for checks as long as it is under the product warranty.

Account Registration

Do I need to register to shop?

Yes, registering your name and information will help us serve you better in terms of keeping your personal data, payment process, order and delivery process, return and refund process. It also allows you as a member to keep track of your current and past orders and payment status. As we have your user account details with us, it will be easier for you to make another purchase.

How to login or register?

Click here to login. If you don't have a user account with us, then click on the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" link below the login form.

Is the account secure our personal data?

Yes, your data is safe with us! All information provided is strictly confidential and secure. We will use your information just for business (payment, delivery, shipping) only.


How to place an order?

• Browse through our product catalog and select any that you're interested in. Read the product details to know more about the product specifications and functions so that you're sure you to make the right choice.
• You can either add the product to Wishlist or Add To Cart. You can purchase the product later if you've added into your Wishlist while if you click on the Add To Cart button to add the product to your shopping cart.
• Continue shopping in our e-store repeating the processes on adding more items to your shopping cart and once you're done, click Checkout to check the summary of your order.
• Choose type of payment, shipping method you prefer and complete the registration or login details.
• Once the payment has been made successfully, we will proceed with your delivery process and your parcel is just one door step from you.

What would I do if there is a problem with my order?

Our hotline and live chat is ready to help you. Click Contact Us and we are here to serve you.

What type of payment do you have?

For the moment, we only received local customers. All the prices shown are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). SmarTorq reserves the right to changes prices for products from the website at any time. Keep visiting our website for any updates and shocking discount (if applicable). All products payment can be made either Visa, MasterCard, any online banking or even E-Wallet (TouchNGo, Boost etc.)

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, your can cancel your order within 24 hours. We need you to call our hotline as soon as possible so that we would not process your order. However, if you have a list of products but you have just decided to cancel one or two items, we are sorry as we may to cancel the whole order. Please read Return and Refund Policy section by clicking here for more info.


What is your returns policy?

You may refer to Return and Refund Policy here. Please take note that for return and refund cases, we only accept if is it under certain conditions. If you have any issues, you may Contact Us directly.

How long does it usually take?

It s dependent on a case to case basis. In usual cases it approximately takes about 7 days after we have processed your return application.